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    Dermovitamin ® İlaç A.Ş. is a pioneering company that develops high-speed herbal health and beauty products.

    The main motivation of our R&D studies, which we carry out meticulously in our laboratories, is to contribute to the protection of human health.

    We developed our first formula, Krispus ® Herbal Syrup, as a result of this passion. Developed for people with upper respiratory disorders, Krispus is a product of our approach that prioritizes human health and customer satisfaction.

    As the Dermovitamin ® team, we implement our formulas with the experience we have gained in the sector for many years. We know the value of healthy life, and we constantly monitor the latest developments in our field. User satisfaction is above all for us. For this reason, we focus first on the details, not on the result.

    We are aware of the social responsibility we take with our work and we will continue to develop fast-acting herbal products with great passion.

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